IPSAT is designed for Local Churches

Cathy Lee - Founder Cathy Lee Coaching
“The Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT) has been our go-to tool for helping over 100 individuals in our church better understand who they are and what God has designed them to do.  We’ve found the IPSAT group experience to be especially helpful. I highly recommend the IPSAT for church leaders who see the potential in their people.”
Daniel Riemenschneider
Administrative Pastor | Bloomingdale Church

The IPSAT for small groups combines insights from assessments with support from a learning community and certified coaches trained within your congregation.

Engage Volunteers

Engage volunteers by connecting “who they are” with “where they serve”.


Drive a sustainable and scalable process by training IPSAT coaches from within your church.

Trusted Support

Discover your identity in a small group learning community and get input from a trained IPSAT coach from your local church.

Intuitive Approach

Easy to use materials including 7 Modules supported by video content and PDF collateral.

Leadership Pipeline

Build a pipeline of leaders supported by a database of information about personality, strengths, skills, gifts and passions.

Discover your identity profile