Grow yourself, grow your team, grow your organization

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Learn what you do best, where you have gaps and how to communicate this information with others.

Add Value to Others

Discover and optimize your identity through personal growth–then add value to others and making your best contribution to a team.

Prioritize Your Growth

Reflect on your identity profile, then focus on the most important steps for growth.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Expose self-defeating behaviors that could sabotage relationships or derail your leadership.

The IPSAT is a guided discovery experience designed to help individuals understand their identity profile, the unique combination of personality, strengths, skills, personal values, and passions.

The Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT)


We use the 16 Personalities version of Myers Briggs Type Indicator for this aspect of your Identity Profile.


We use the Clifton Strengths Assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder 2.0) from Gallup for this aspect of your Identity Profile.


We use a Skills Inventory created by nexleader for this aspect of your Identity Profile.


We use the myPassionProfile for this aspect of your Identity Profile.

Personal Values

To standardize and streamline the experience we use a Personal Values Inventory created specifically for the IPSAT.

Discover your identity profile


Quantify How Well You Understand Yourself

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Discover your identity profile, then optimize your identity through personal growth— unleash your potential by adding value to others and making your best contribution to a team.


Imagine everyone on your team sharing what they do best and where they have gaps, so you can collaborate with understanding and partner strategically with others. 


Develop leaders and graduate career ready students. Engage your alumni community and train them as IPSAT coaches enabling your best graduates to invest in your best students 


Implement a scalable and sustainable developmental process by training and certifying IPSAT coaches in your organization that build a culture of self-awareness and self-leadership.


Expand your business by adding the IPSAT to your coaching portfolio. Become a certified coach and start offering a proven process with easy to use resources.

Discover, optimize, and unleash
the resources inside your organization.