IPSAT is designed for Universities

“The Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT) is a unique and comprehensive self-awareness resource. We are using the IPSAT as a primary component in the Master’s and Doctoral programs in Foundational leadership through Lancaster Bible College/Capital Seminary.”
Dr. Wayne Cordeiro
President | New Hope Christian College & Senior Pastor, New Hope Oahu

Develop leaders and graduate career-ready students. Engage your alumni community and train them as IPSAT coaches enabling your best graduates to invest in your best students.

Prepare Students

Prepare career ready students with the confidence and self-awareness needed to succeed.

Enhance Experience

Enhance your first-year experience with the IPSAT and follow-up coaching session.

Engage Alumni

Engage your alumni community by inviting them to become trained as IPSAT coaches to enable your graduates to invest in your students.

Self Discovery

Augment your investment in student leaders by helping them discover the connection between self-awareness and self-leadership.

Career Preparation

Access follow-up webinars explaining how the IPSAT can enhance a resume and prepare for job interviews.

Discover your identity profile.


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