IPSAT is designed for Teams

Illustration depicting a team of  3 people

Imagine everyone on your team sharing what they do best and where they have gaps so that you can collaborate with understanding and partner strategically with others.

Answer Questions

The IPSAT helps you answer, “Who am I?”
The IPSAT Team Report answers, “Who are we?”

Flexible Reports

Create an IPSAT Team Report for any combination of users and share it with anyone in your group.

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Collaborate Better

Explore your team through the lens of shared personality, strengths, skills, personal values, and passions.

Go Deeper

Add a virtual Team Leader Consultation and/or a full team workshop to refine your understanding of the report and how to apply the information.


Contact us to schedule an IPSAT Team Report demo and view a sample report.

Discover your identity profile.

Set your team up for success!