IPSAT is designed for Organizations

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Implement a scalable and sustainable developmental process by training and certifying IPSAT coaches in your organization that build a culture of self-awareness and self-leadership.


Build a sustainable and scalable staff development process by training a group of coaches inside your organization


Accelerate personal developmental conversations informed by IPSAT reports.

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Enhance Productivity

Enhance productivity for teams by utilizing the IPSAT Team Report to reveal key insights about how to work together more efficiently.

Reinforce Learning

Align self-leadership, team leadership and organizational leadership development goals to reinforce a learning culture.


Engage high-potentials with a development plan based on their personal growth S-Curve.

Discover your identity profile.

"At WinShape Foundation we place a high value on both training and development. The IPSAT has proven to be a sustainable and scalable resource that enables us to engage our staff on a developmental journey grounded in a solid understanding of identity self-awareness. We are using the IPSAT in multiple departments to invest in our people and stimulate both personal and professional development."
Zach Harter
Assistant Director, Leader Development

Set your organization up for success!