Value-Driven Leadership: How Knowing Your Personal Values Can Empower Your Team

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In one of my first jobs I was given some unexpected advice:

“If you can choose between learning how and learning why, always pick why. The people who know how, always work for the people who know why.”

The co-worker giving me this advice meant it as a joke. But it has stuck with me for more than forty years. It reveals a much deeper truth than originally intended.

Why is more important than how. Values are more important than skills.

Every leader has a set of values, curated by our beliefs and experiences. But very few leaders can articulate their values. It has been said values are like fingerprints. They uniquely reflect your identity and you leave them on everything you touch.

Leaders are value-driven when they consciously attempt to identify their values and consistently operate based on those values.

You can’t evaluate and modify implicit values. And it’s much more difficult to ensure you are operating consistently on values that haven’t been identified. Reflecting on why you do what you do is a critical part of value clarification.

You can watch the replay of this webinar, Value-Driven Leadership: How Your Personal Values Can Empower Your Team, for free.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How values form the capstone of your philosophy of leadership
  • The three most important value questions every leader needs to answer
  • The four life domains that simplify value identification
  • How implicit values can undermine your desire to finish well
  • How emerging leaders identify values and why misunderstanding this process can push them away

This webinar includes a sneak peak at the newly developed Personal Values Inventory available for free as part of the Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT).

Thanks for the opportunity invest in your leadership.

Steve Moore

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