Episode 3 - How do you know, how you are doing, in the ways that matter?

To answer this question, you need to understand the difference between ordinary and extraordinary behavior over time. My experience suggests most people don’t have a reliable way of tracking that information. Consequently, they confuse the results gap and the behavior gap. There is a difference, and it matters.

There are two perspectives available when engaging in this kind of self-reflection. One is behavioral, and the other is emotional. The biggest problem with both lenses is the limitation and unreliability of memory. I know what I’m doing today, and how I feel about it. But it is difficult to analyze with any certainty for more than a week or two at the most.

I spent two years testing a system for tracking information that helped me understand how I’m doing in ways that matter. In this month’s vlog, I’ll share what I learned about:

·        Wellbeing Indicators and life domains

·        The difference between the behavior gap and the results gap and why it matters

·        The Payoff Paradox and its impact on self-leadership

·        The most overlooked variable that defines the gap between average and extraordinary

I’ll also share how you can get a free Wellbeing Indicator Worksheet I developed to help others apply these ideas.

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