The 5 Most Common Questions About Passion

Passion is the most elusive of the five components in the Identity Profile (personality, strengths, skills, personal values, and passion).In over thirty years of mentoring and coaching, I’ve been asked more questions and encountered more uncertainty about passion than any of the other five components.

I define passion as a self-directed initiative to learn more about, engage in, and influence others toward interests and issues even when sacrifice is required.

It has been said, if you can worry you can meditate. It’s the same skill, just a different focus. Similarly, if you have ever been angry, you can be passionate. It’s the same mix of primal emotions channeled in a positive direction.

In this month’s vlog, I answer the 5 most common questions I’ve been asked about passion. These are not the only questions I’ve heard, but they are the most common.

1.      What if I don’t think I have any passions?

2.      How do I discover my passions?

3.      Can I grow my passions and if so, how?

4.      Should I expect my passions to change over time?

5.      What is the relationship between passion and purpose?

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