The 4 Domains of Passionate Engagement

Passion is powerful. It can also be dangerous. We tend to view people who are not involved with our issue-based passions as uncommitted, and people who claim to share our passion but give priority to a different strategy for action as misguided. The higher you move up the passion pyramid, from learning to engaging to influencing, even when it calls for sacrificing time, money, and energy, the more tempting it will become to evaluate the level of passion in others using your own journey as a benchmark. 

When the line between passion and strategy is blurred, we more readily assume others, who engage with a specific problem differently, don't really care, aren't really passionate. 

The reality is different life-shaping experiences connect us to different passions. We need people with a diversity of gifting and strategies for engaging the same passion because it takes a multi-faceted approach to truly make a difference. The different approaches are complimentary, not contradictory.

 This month’s vlog is about the “how” of passion, exploring The 4 Domains of Passionate Engagement. There are many different issues or causes that capture our imagination and move us to action. But my experience coaching individuals in life planning led me to believe as we move up the passion pyramid from learning to engaging there are four primary domains of engagement. In this month’s vlog, I’ll explain those four domains and why it’s important to understand them.

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