Episode 1 - A Fresh Take on the Fresh Start Effect | Available Jan 11, 2022

If you feel a natural sense of momentum for self-improvement at the beginning of the year you aren’t alone. It’s a phenomenon behavioral psychologists call the Fresh Start Effect.

The Fresh Start Effect refers to the energy and determination we feel when we are mentally conditioned to wipe the slate of life clean and start over. Tragically, this motivational horsepower is squandered in the first few months of the New Year by millions of people in the form of a resolution they don’t keep.

Think of the Fresh Start Effect as the initial fireball of rocket fuel that gets you off the launching pad at liftoff. It can take a lot of energy to kickstart a new goal. But once that fuel burns off you need a series of afterburner rockets to keep you moving until you escape the gravitational pull of daily life and form new habits.

In this month’s vlog you’ll learn:

  • five practical afterburner ideas to keep you moving after liftoff
  • a common mistake high-capacity leaders make when identifying growth goals
  • why how you state your goals matters and the most common mistake people make
  • when it’s positive to go negative in personal growth planning, and more…

Here’s to a fresh start, complete with afterburner rockets, in 2022!

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